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Infrared Sauna Therapy


Today's world places a toxic load on our bodies, from environmental toxicants to stress and anxiety that create inflammation and other symptoms. Sweat is one of the body's safest and most natural ways to heal and maintain good health. Sunlighten's high-quality infrared promotes an effortless, deep, productive sweat that will leave you feeling cleansed, refreshed and energized.

Sweat out the toxins
Sweat out the Toxins
Improve Heart Health
Improve Sleep Quality
Boost Immune System
Boost the Immune System
Increase Metabolism
Increase Metabolism
and Burn Fat

Improve Heart Health
Improve Heart Health
Repair Muscles Faster
Repair Muscles Faster
Reverse Aging
Reverse Aging and Renew Skin
Experience Bliss
Experience Bliss and
Reduce Stress


Ancient cultures developed medical systems based on energetic principles of the universe and the somatic cellular body. The Sanskrit principle of Ayurveda describes of the wheels of life or Chakras as originating from subtle energy known as Prana. This type of subtle energy can be modulated by electromagnetic field/visible light to stimulate the brain/nervous system, cellular tissues, and bodily organs. Visible light is emitted in the form of photons that are absorbed through the skin and the active receptors in the eyes. Once absorbed, proteins or photopigments are activated at specific wavelengths to produce chemical reactions in the body. These reactions can produce various therapeutic biochemical benefits depending on their wavelength. Match the color dot from your remote to the chart below.
violet lotus
violet circles

Balances 7th / crown chakra to connect mind-body with a higher power. This high energy state stimulates the pituitary gland to regulate serotonin and reduce depression and anxiety. Helps regulate sleep to improve energy and reduce effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

indigo lotus
indigo circles

Balances 6th / third eye chakra located between the eyebrows. Helps improve focus, reduce fog brain, stimulate intuition through the pineal gland, clear sinus cavities, and improve the ability to understand wisdom and truth.

blue lotus
blue circles

Balances 5th / throat chakra to improve verbal communication, articulation and understanding. Produces a cooling, calming effect in the body to counteract worry, reduce over excitement, modulate hyperactivity, and calm various throat conditions.

green lotus
green circles

Balances 4th chakra located at the heart center in and around the sternum. The body’s healing seat to reset circadian rhythms, relax muscles, detox organs, and stimulate tissue regeneration. Here is where love and forgiveness of self and others originates, and where the spiritual and physical body merge.

yellow lotus
yellow circle

Balances 3rd chakra located at the solar plexus mid-torso in and around the kidneys and liver. Center of personal power, will and self-esteem. Produces a cleansing effect to purify the blood and skin, increase neuromuscular tone, and improve nervous system function.

orange lotus
orange circles

Balances 2nd chakra located in the low abdomen. Regulates creativity via reproductive organs, creative thought, emotions, and sexuality. Balancing the 2nd chakra can reduce inflammation, menstrual cramps, edema, prostate issues, and bladder/urinary dysfunction.

red lotus
red circle

Balances 1st chakra located at the base of the spine. Regulates skeletal and circulatory systems, helps relieve tension to improve energy efficiency. Can improve cellular metabolism. Helps regulate fear regarding family, finances/survival, and decreases feelings of anger. This grounding energy can return the mind/body to states of joy and happiness.

Reviewed by Christina Ross, Ph.D., BCPP, Biophysicist Research Fellow, Wake Forest School of Medicine’s Institute for Regenerative Medicine

What is Infra Red?