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"Great people, great therapy, great results. Thank you Andy, Ashley, Kim, Justin and Jen. I would highly recommend for caring professional care."

~ Joe Sampson, February 2019

"Three months ago I had total knee replacement. Andy, Kim, Justin, Kristen and Jen are the most professional people. The minute you enter the office you are greeted by name. They work with you and help you improve your physical and emotional well being. They are the best, most caring individuals. I recommend them highly."

~ Nancy Cohen, February 2019

"Andy, as I was walking this morning, I realized that I am still pain free! I am going to a weights/strength training class 3 times a week too! I could have never done either before! It amazes me that it has been over a year since I was there and I still feel great! I was nervous when my last session was over and I bought a tube of Bio Freeze. I have not had to use it! Yes, I am more aware of what I do when I drive, lift, sit etc but that learning along with the physical therapy was a home run for me!! Thank you Andy and staff!"

~ Gail Goraj, June 2017

"I want to thank you so much for the care that you have given to me and to my son. When I think back about how weak my leg was when I started PT with you and in order to go up stairs I had to actually pull myself up holding on the railing. Now I can walk up stairs in a normal fashion and I realize how far I have progressed because of your therapy. The thing that I appreciate so much in you is that you go beyond just dealing with the person’s initial ailment. When I mentioned to you that I had pain in my heel, which did not come from my original spine problem, you also treated that. You treat the person and not just the problem that his doctor referred him for."

"I also want to say that your staff were great to me in guiding my program of exercises, as well as being patient in dealing with my son’s disability. Gina at the desk makes good connections with all of the patients and I can see that your entire staff is like a family. So again, thanks for all your efforts."

~ Gary Moskowitz, December 2015

"The staff was courteous, thorough and professional. They helped me recover from major shoulder surgery to return to my job as an outside plant technician (construction) for the phone company."

~ Ward Fraser, December 2015

"I have been a repeat patient of Andy's practice for therapy both before and after my total knee replacement surgery. Andy's professionalism and competence is only surpassed by his compassion and understanding of his patient's needs. I am sure that all of his patients feel, as I do, when I unequivocally say that you are treated like a friend and cared for like family during an often difficult time in one's road to recovery. There is no one or no place better for any of your physical therapy needs."

~ Anthony Conti, April 2014

"As a 90-year-old I have but one word for Andy -"SUPER"! From his diagnosis to explanations and all through his treatment his gentle hands and technique give you every confidence that you'll be cured."

~ Ruby, January 2014

"Andy and his staff are the best."

~ John Sarro, December 2013

"Everybody at MPT are really friendly and personable. I actually looked forward to therapy (even though it wasn't east) because the banter was always fun and relaxing. Andy really helped my with an issue I thought I would be stuck with the rest of my life, and now I'm 100% better! Gina up front is always helpful and friendly too!"

~ Jeff Clough, May 2013

"Having been treated by Andy following rotator cuff surgery 3 years ago, I knew where to go for physical therapy following recent arthroscopic knee surgery. Andy is a gentle, compassionate therapist who projects genuine concern for his patients and expresses joy in everyday living. It's fun to hear about the adventures of Sadie and Charlotte while trudging through the exercises and, hard to believe though it might be, I look forward to my appointments!"

~ Mara Adams, April 2013

"This was my first experience at this facility and was very pleased at my care there. The staff were able to answer all my questions regarding my condition. Andy and his staff are friendly and puts you at ease from the moment you enter the door."

~ Vivienne Lopes, March 3013

"Andy has succeeded in helping me overcome the painful symptoms of Achilles Tendonitis by being caring, understanding and a knowledgeable professional. His facility is in a convenient location. He is the best!"

~ Pat, February 2013

"The staff is both professional and friendly at the same time. I was put to ease immediately. Mr. Enea worked with my doctor to ensure I got relieve from my broken shoulder and had a complete recovery. I recommend this practice to anyone seeking pain relief and recovery."

~ Paul Smalley, November 2012

"Mr. Enea (Andy) is very professional and extremely knowledgeable. However, he makes you feel very at ease with his caring and friendly personality. The important part is that he fixed my problem and I have been pain free since. I recommend his physical therapy clinic to anyone."

~ Yahoo Review, December 2008


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